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山东BITD虚拟货币交易平台 环保科技有限公司坐落于“舜帝故里,中国龙城”——山东省诸城市,公司北依潍坊、东毗青岛,南靠日照,交通便利,景色迷人。公司是一家国内环保大型企业,集设计研究、开发生产、安装调试于一体,经过多年的长足发展,已在国内外颇具盛名。


BITD虚拟货币交易平台 BITD虚拟货币交易平台 环保科技成立以来,尊崇“诚信、务实、创新”的核心价值观和BITD虚拟货币交易平台,秉持“以差异化技术赢得市场,用精益化管理实现利润”的经营理念,坚持建设一流的科技型环保公司的企业愿景,自主开发,积极引进先进的环保设备和技术,大力推广与国际惯例接轨的项目运作模式,努力为业主提供优质服务,精心为社会创造环保精品,已完成数百项环保工程,部分产品出口国外,并跟踪服务,赢得客户赞赏。

 环境保护工程功在当今,利在千秋。BITD虚拟货币交易平台 环保科技将为建设天更蓝,地更绿,水更清,人与自然更加和谐的社会而不懈努力!

BITD虚拟货币交易平台 Zhucheng city Wei Ming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the "Shun hometown, the Chinese dragon" -- Zhucheng, Shandong Province, North company according to the Weifang, east adjacent to Qingdao, difficult to take an examination of Rizhao, convenient transportation, charming scenery. Company City, a domestic environmental protection and large enterprises, set design research, development and production, installation and debugging in one, after many years of rapid development, has been renowned at home and abroad.

BITD虚拟货币交易平台 At present, mainly engaged in sewage treatment mechanical production and installation design, main products are: grille decontamination machine, buried sewage treatment equipment, air flotation equipment, stacked spiral sludge dewatering machine, dosing machine, sludge thickener, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, scraping mud machine etc. the products, which can be widely for the reproduction of petroleum, chemical, municipal, food and beverage, leather, welding material, papermaking, printing, electric power, coal, pharmaceutical, rubber industry, sewage treatment and some industries use.

Products to the automation degree high, strong processing capability, stable performance, durable, maintenance and low cost advantages, to high quality products, reasonable price, perfect after-sales service, continuous improvement and innovation and technological advantages, based in China sewage treatment equipment industry, has gradually become a leading brand in China sewage treatment industry.
Weiming environmental protection science and technology since its establishment, respect "honesty, pragmatism, innovation," the core value view and corporate culture, uphold the principle of "alienation of technology to the poor to win the market, with lean management profit" business philosophy, adhere to the business vision of building a first-class technical type environmental protection company, independent development, and actively introduce advanced environmental protection equipment and technology, vigorously promote the integration with the international practice mode of operation of the project, efforts for the owners to provide quality services, carefully for the community to create environment-friendly products, hundreds of environmental protection project has been completed, some products are exported to foreign countries, and tracking services, to win customers praise.

Environmental protection engineering work in contemporary, will benefit future generations. Wei Ming environmental technology will be more blue for the construction of the day, more green, water cleaner, and more harmonious society and the natural more harmonious society and unremitting efforts!







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